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How auctions work.


We examine your property and determine the condition, marketability and possible methods of sale. If you want to sell your car, simply bring the car with registration and title to our office and we will put it into one of our weekly Public Auto Auctions, or sell it for you at our Nevada Licensed retail sales lot. It costs you nothing to get started.


Munari Auctions is a licensed and bonded NAA member. We are also Certified Appraisers. We buy and sell anything. If you have intellectual property, airplanes, autos, firearms, rare coins, collectibles, livestock, real estate, copyrights, sign leases. water rights or any other personal property, we will evaluate your items and advise you as to the next step in the Auction method.


If you own raw vacant land, a home or other Real Estate, we will explain our unique Time Defined Method of selling your property.


A contract between the auctioneer and the seller is completed and signed by both parties. In this contract all terms and conditions of sale are spelled out. This is basically, who, what, where and how things shall go forward. A date is picked for the auction sale and the manner in which the auctioneer will offer the property. The auction method/platform for sale could be one or a combination of the following: timed online, online and live, live only, using, Munari Auctions site in conjunction with Proxibid. Sometimes we will utilize Ebay. Proxibid is an auction site that is for professional auctioneers and not the general public. This platform is the finest way to get seller's items presented to the public.

After the sale, the proceeds will be distributed usually within seven days.


If you have any questions, please call Geno Munari directly at (702) 236-4114 or (702) 914-8898

Easy as 1-2-3

1. We look at what you have to sell.

2. We determine the best method and marketing to suit your needs.

3. We sell your items.

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