We BUY & SELL for you!

We can sell your car for you through our vast nationwide affiliation with Manheim Auctions, the country’s largest automotive auction house, a subsidiary of Cox Communications.  We can also buy the car of your dreams.

Inventory : You request it, we will find it. You are protected as well*

We have a virtual inventory with our affiliation with Manheim Auctions. Manheim was established in 1945 as a wholesale vehicle auction operation with 122 operating locations around the globe, Manheim is the world’s leading provider of vehicle re marketing services. Manheim registers nearly 7 million used vehicles annually and facilitates transactions representing almost $46 billion in value. A subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises.


You decide on what car you want to buy. You give us the desired make, model, color preferences and the budget you want to spend.


We search or databases in the entire United States and find the exact matches. It is almost like computer dating. We find the car that is best suited for you and your circumstances.


We negotiate the price and make the deal for you. We charge a fee, based on the purchase price.

That is it. Simple as 1-2-3.

* To get the right vehicle at the right price, you used to have to rely on split-second decisions, post-sale inspections, intuition and even a bit of luck. You could never be sure. We can buy the car, truck, RV of your dreams! But what is important, we can save you money. More important, we can offer a special “NO strings attached refund, for whatever reason whatsoever”. * This is a special optional program that is included in the sale of a vehicle that qualifies for the program, that lasts for a certain limited time with limits on mileage. Please call for details. It does not cover Acts of God.