Antiques & Collectibles

We realized millions of dollars for our customers, using many tools in our arsenal of converting personal property into cash. Some of the stories we are prohibited to reveal because of confidentiality agreements, but we can assure you we have satisfied our clients.

Munari Auctions negotiated in the acquisition of the famed Liberace Louis XV desk to a private buyer.  The desk fetched as much as the entire residence/mansion of Liberace.  A snippet from a Las Vegas periodical on the desk:

The reputation of the Liberace Museum has been tainted with the decision to sell off one of the most valuable artifacts from the collection to a private party (Liberace’s prized Louis XV desk).
There is an understood promise between a museum and its public against the sale of collection objects for general operating expenses. This promise exists across generations in order to prevent the financial challenges of a given time from depriving future generations of the benefits of a museum’s holdings. If a museum is unable to properly care for an artifact, the artifact should be transferred to another institution with the expertise to properly care for it so that the object remains in the public trust. Standard museum best practices will allow for the sale of an artifact from the collection if that sale advances the value of a museum’s permanent collection and when proceeds from the artifact sale are used only for acquisition or for direct care of collections. In this case, the desk’s sale greatly diminished the value of the Liberace Museum’s collection and use of proceeds remains highly uncertain.